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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exercise Schmesercise

It all started in September when I went to my yearly thyroid check-up.  My doctor conveniently has been graphing my weight since I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease in 2006, and so kindly pointed out to me that I was 12 pounds heavier then I was two years ago.  Nevermind the fact that I  carried a baby and gave birth to a child during that time.
He dismissed any reasoning I contrived alleging that the weight was due to turning 30.  (okay it probably had less to do with turning 30, then it did the margaritas and cheeseburgers I consumed to celebrate 30)  My doctor continued to tell me that I needed to lose some weight.  "You're not obese or anything, but you could afford to lose 5 pounds," were his words to be exact.   Now I love myself more than most people love me, but I have to say he poked a hole in my self esteem bucket.  I told him that I wanted to wait and make sure I was done having children, so I didn't have to lose that 5 pounds twice.  Not only does my doctor lack kouth, but a sense of humor as well and responded with, "Unless you plan on getting pregnant in the next month or two, you can lose it now."
Now most people I tell the story to, wonder why I continue to go to this doctor...but I kind of appreciate his honesty and heading me off before the 12 pounds turned into 20.  I went home and looked in the mirror and yes, there was a visible muffin top, and no, the dryer didn't shrink all of my pants.  Also, shortly after that, I went to a bridesmaid dress fitting for my friend's wedding this coming June...I was measured and politely made aware that I have a pear shaped body instead of the coveted hour glass figure.
It was time to dust of the commercial grade elliptical I insisted we buy 5 years ago and had yet to log an entire hour on.  I was serious about dropping not only the 5 pounds but the entire 12 to get back to pre-pregnancy weight...and be able to fit into my gray pants.   I decided I needed a personal trainer to help me know what exercises to do, how to do them, be most efficient and effective with my work outs and ultimately look like a bikini model.
I talked about this for a couple months until my childcare provider told me there was actually a trainer in my small rural town.  My plan was to work out with him once a week for a month, learn some exercises to do at home on my own equipment, and then continue to train on my own.  I started in November with two personal training sessions a week and 4 sessions turned into 10 sessions, and then into an 8 session class with 5 other women.  I've been consistently working out an average of 3 days a week for 3 months now.  My muffin top is disappearing and smoothing out, my arms are defined and so much stronger, I no longer am experiencing frequent tension headaches, and I feel really good right after the work out.  I've finally lost the 5 lbs my doctor ordered.  You would think that with the positive results that I would have bought into this exercise thing and healthy lifestyle, but I must be honest.  I STILL HATE EXERCISE!  Its hard, it makes me sweat, my muscles hurt, its time away from the television and Facebook...oh and time away from my family of course.  I have two more sessions in the current strength training class I'm taking and I will sign up for another month of classes in February.  In March I will officially have to make the conscious decision to maintain the fitness effort on my own.  I will have a bikini body by summer...well, my body will be in a bikini regardless if I get offers from Sports Illustrated or not, and I will know I've reached my goal when I can wear my gray pants in public without offending anyone.

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