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Friday, January 22, 2010

Letter to my kids' teachers

Dear Mr/Mrs  So and So:

Let me preface this letter by letting you know we love our children very much and we mean well.  When Natalie comes to school in a purple shirt with an applicade flower and burgandy pants with embroidery on the bottom, realize she dressed herself that day.  As parents we decided to choose our battles and felt that it was more important for her to experience independence and self-confidence.  She felt so good about what she was wearing and it was weather appropriate, hence we chose to avoid the fight.
Please understand that if she comes to school and there is nothing in her "share bag" that starts with the letter of the alphabet that you are studying that day, it doesn't mean we don't care about the letter "f" or any of the other 25 letters.  It might just mean that the cat puked on the carpet, her brother was running a fever, or I had a presentation of my own for which I needed to prepare.
It may appear that Natalie's hair isn't combed or her teeth aren't brushed.  There's a good possibility that one or both of those did not occur.  Her father isn't as gentle when he combs her hair, so she finds it a little aversive.  We do teach and practice good hygiene.  We'll try to get up ten minutes earlier.
I have received and read the notes you sent home about her needing snow pants, boots, hats, and mittens if she is to play outside at recess.  You do not need to put a note in the teacher's lounge asking for donations.   We have at least two pairs of mittens and two hats, but finding a matching pair is sometimes difficult in the morning, as she tends to strip down in the car on the way home.  My husband and I scour our vehicles every morning and we will try to send whatever we can find, otherwise feel free to dig something out of the lost and found.  You can also call and we will try and run whatever it is that she needs up to the school.  Just try not to punish her for things in which she has no control.
If you have concerns, please call or email.  We love our children very much and we highly value education.  We want our children to do always do their best.  We read to them, play games, and try to make each moment a teachable moment.  We would be happy to volunteer and chaperone field trips, so please excuse some of our other slips ups throughout the year. 

Perfectly Imperfect Working Mom
P.S.  Did you notice I took the utmost care in ensuring none of my sentences ended in prepositions?

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